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Interview 2 – Rae


1) When did you decide to join strength training in SYNERGI and why?


I had never thought I’d have weightlifting as a key part of my exercise routine. One of my friends had started training with Matt (SYNERGI PT) and kept bugging me to join her. I eventually caved and after one session I was hooked. That was in 2015 and I’ve been training with Matt ever since. Now weightlifting is a major corner stone of my life.


2)How SYNERGI helped you overcome your fears if you had any?


I was nervous about lifting weights as I had concerns over injuring myself, and also just the fact that from the outside it can seem very intimidating. Even when I first started training with Matt I wasn’t really comfortable training on my own. Over time training with him I developed a lot more confidence in my own abilities, a better understanding of technique, and I recognised that I was allowed to take up that space and train on my own, that weights weren’t only reserved for top athletes or guys. So now I do a combination of solo sessions and sessions with Matt.


3)In what way has strength training benefited you the most?


Weightlifting is a form of exercise where I see regular improvement, be that as increased weight, reps or time. Like a lot of people this does wonders for my mental health. I started a PhD not long after starting training and I honestly don’t think I’d have made it through without weightlifting. Whenever I was really struggling mentally lifting gave me a place where I felt safe and capable, and where I was constantly learning and improving when my studies felt stagnant. Also the physicality of lifting really helps lift my mood, and no matter how awful I feel beforehand after I’ve finished training I feel so much better and more able to deal with things. Over the years of training I have also started to feel much more comfortable in my own body. I have always been bigger and had larger legs and it is something I was bullied for as a kid, so it become something I didn’t like about myself. Since I’ve been training however I’ve come to really take advantage of it, as having a solid basis of strength in my legs have allowed me to do so much and lift way more than I ever thought would be possible. I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. I do still have moments where I am less happy with how I look, but now when I get like that I just remind myself of what my body can do and how amazing that is.


4)What about training in SYNERGI fascinates you the most and why would recommend women in Cardiff choose it as their strength training platform?


I really love the community at SYNERGI. It feels to me like a second home, being in that space and seeing the same faces on a regular basis. It was only really when SYNERGI opened that I really felt comfortable enough to come in and train on my own, as well as just being more confident as I said earlier, it was down to the supportive atmosphere of the gym. The fact that everyone is so friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging is great. Everyone always cheers you on and celebrates your achievements, even if they don’t seem as big as others, because to you they are a big deal. I’d definitely recommend SYNERGI to other women as the gym doesn’t have this old boys club feel to it that some gyms have. Also there are so many different options for how you want to train you can find what is most comfortable and works for you, be that classes, one on one or solo training.


5)Give us YOUR own motto of #SheStrength campaign!


You are stronger than you think.



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