How Weightlifting has changed my life 

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I've been weightlifting for just over 2 years now. Like most 40 year old women I hit the gym wanting to reduce the bingo wings, tone up the legs,  gain a  perter bottom and get a flatter stomach. I wanted to feel better in myself.  I didn’t want to go it alone, so I decided to have some Personal Training sessions to get me started.  I have always had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with my body, just as many women have and have yoyo’d in weight all my life.  I felt like I wanted some expert guidance on how to lose weight for good and look after my body.


I found SYNERGI after a friend recommended SYNERGI Weightlifting Club, a gym near me, just a 5 minute walk from my house – perfect.   I then saw that they offered Personal Training too and Women’s only classes. I thought it could be the best combination for my budget and also a good way to meet other women who are new to the gym. I contacted the club, had a chat with Matt and was booked in for my first PT session.  I started with one PT session a week and 2 classes.  I was really looking for a female personal trainer, so Matt teamed me up with Verity. 


I had an image in my mind of what weight lifting and personal training would look like,  I can say it really wasn’t what I expected. I imagined being pushed to my limits and ending the session feeling nauseous and truly “worked”.  Instead the session was split into a mobility warm up and then I was coached and taught movements such as the squat, bench and deadlift – I was learning!  It felt really motivating. It was also refreshing not to have the immediate focus to be on my weight and waist size but on how to learn to lift weights safely.  I was hooked. 


As time went on something changed, I can’t pin point when or how, but my motivation for going to the gym was no longer about 'looking good' and more about 'getting better'. I had a desire to get better, stronger - to grow and develop - seeing my first ab became less important. The relationship and connection I had with my body had totally changed.


Toning, definition and weight loss became like an added extra that came as a bi product from doing something I really enjoyed!  I did lose weight, and had some online nutritional coaching that taught me about food and nutrition, not just how to diet.  


Now I go to the gym because I love it and enjoy developing and challenging myself. My body weight and shape changes a little bit, sometimes I’m leaner, other times I’m more cuddly but I no longer yoyo between dress sizes like unused to.  I've realised that the few extra pounds are because of what I put in my mouth, not because I didn't burn enough calories on the treadmill! In fact, I don’t often go anywhere near the treadmill, lifting weights is way more fun. I’ve never been a natural runner.  


It has changed how I am with my husband, I have more confidence in my body and feel sexier, I’ve become more affectionate as a result and can accept a compliment!  I am more confident at work and can hold my own in meetings at work,  and feel more resilient. If I have a bad day I feel stronger both mentally and physically and definitely cope with stress and adversity much better – I have an outlet that isn’t food or booze. As a result I’m more productive and creative, I’m sure that this has helped me develop my career.   I nurture my body with food and eat to keep it well – not to keep it thin.  My physical health is greatly improved, blood pressure is down as is cholesterol.  My day to day life is easier, I have more energy and more endurance.  What more could you ask for.


The team at SYNERGI are great. I’ve been supported by all of the coaches at SYNERGI. I’ve had Personal Training with Verity, 1:1 weightlifting  and powerlifting coaching with Matt, nutritional coaching with Ellie as well as attended the women’s only classes with Elin.  As a ‘non- sporty person’ It really has changed my life in so many positive ways. I never thought that I could enjoy a sport as much as I do weight lifting. I started going to the gym in my 40’s – it’s never too late to start. What are you waiting for?


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