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My name is Anna, I’ve been a member of SYNERGI since January 2019.. here’s my SYNERGI Story. 


I had been going to the gym for a while and lifting weights but just felt like something was missing.  I wanted help to develop my strength and perfect my lifting technique, but didn’t quite know how.  I started having Personal Training at a commercial gym but soon realised this just wasn’t what I was looking for. The PT there was great but was more focused on the weight on the scale, not how much weight I could lift. I really wanted an environment where I could train with other women and learn to lift well. 


I searched for “women’s powerlifting cardiff” and SYNERGI was the first on google. I had no idea weight lifting specific gym’s existed in Cardiff. I had been following  powerlifting gyms and weightlifting gyms on Instagram, but they were all in the USA. Better still, SYNERGI offered a women’s only strength classes – it sounded great. I dropped an enquiry and Matt said to come along for a free session. I did. I’ve never looked back.  


The community at SYNERGI is just something else, I’ve never experienced a gym like it. The coaches are great – Matt, Sabrina and Verity are super friendly and always make you feel at ease.  Ellie and Elin are also great, everyone is always happy and bubbly which is a huge change from the male -  orientated  gym I came from. Everyone talks to each other, supports one another and learns from each other – and that’s just the members!  The Coaches are really knowledgeable, they all really know what they are on about, all of them have helped me develop my lifting. The vibe is super chilled, but also supportive, even though there are a lot of members there that take their training seriously. It’s a great mix.  They even have a Gym dog called Holly, who is always nice to have cwtches with if you’ve had a bad day. I’ve made friends in the class and always look forward to training, my lifts have increased and my technique tweaked and improved,  I entered my first Powerlifting Competition this year! It was amazing! 


Alongside the Powerlifting Class, I’ve also had 1:1 coaching and am now having a go at Olympic Weightlifting. It is a new challenge but I really love it.  There is a lot more to think about when learning  the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, but I think I’m getting there slowly.   I suppose SYNERGI has helped me to  transition from a general gym goer, to an intermediate powerlifter, now I’m trying Olympic Weightlifting, again  I’m back to being a total beginner. It’s so good to keep developing my skills and strength and challenging myself in different ways.  I used to train predominantly for my physique and to better the way I look – like most girls do. Now I train to become stronger, both mentally and physically. I no longer see my body as a thing that needs to change, but something that’s strong, resilient and capable of so many cool things.


If you are looking for a gym near you and live in Cardiff, I couldn’t rate SYNERGI Weightlifting Club enough. 



23621 15 Mile Rd #C104, Clinton MI, 48035, New York, USA

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