The Different Types of Health

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Health is often seen purely in terms of the physical condition of our bodies. Whether this be our body composition, diet or the presence or absence of disease. However, health is in fact multifaceted- comprising of many factors that can interplay with each other. Our physical health can be strongly affected by how we feel. For example, when we are stressed our adrenal glands secrete the hormone cortisol which when elevated for long periods of time can have a negative effect on our heart, digestion and our muscle to fat ratio. 


Health can largely be broken down into the following categories…


Physical health: This is the condition of our bodies. We can look after this by getting adequate sleep, good nutrition and regular exercise and suitable management of any long-term health conditions. 

Mental health: This describes the degree of mental clarity we have and the wellbeing of our thoughts. It is negatively affected by stress and sometimes people may be diagnosed with mental health conditions. Yet it’s important to note that we all have mental health, just as though we all have physical health. We can look after our mental health through practices such as yoga and meditation or taking regular breaks and down-time. 


Emotional health:  Often confused with mental health, but the separation of thoughts and feelings can give greater self-awareness. Emotional health refers to how we feel both overall long term and the changes in our mood and emotions that occur throughout the day. Being in-tune with how you feel rather than avoiding uncomfortable feelings can better help you manage your emotional wellbeing and live a more fulfilling life.


Social health: Social health refers to the wellness of our social lives. It is the genuine and positive connections we form with those around us that enhance our sense of wellbeing and connectedness. Engaging in regular social activities, whether that be coffee with friends, or a sports club can help combat feelings of isolation and build a support network around us.   


Spiritual health: This provides many people with a sense of connectedness to or grounding from something they greatly value. Many people form their moral compass from such place.  


Environmental health: This refers to the conduciveness of our environment around us to supporting our wellbeing. Untidy or cluttered environments can induce feelings of stress and anxiety opposed to organised ones. The relational dynamic of our surroundings can have a profound affect on all other aspects of our health. Leaving environments that aren’t serving us and embedding ourselves in new ones can better help our sense of wellbeing. 


Consider the different categories of health in relation to your own self and think of ways you could improve these areas, developing a mindfulness of your current state of being regarding these areas. 


As a  weightlifting Club, SYNERGI serves many areas of health - physical, mental, emotional and social! We strive to be much more than a gym. 

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