"Marginal gains represents the difference between Good and World Class"

Marginal gains represents the difference between Good and World Class”



  • Rogue style Power Racks 
  • All racks fully equipped with IPF approved Rogue Power Bars and Rogue calibrated competition plates. 
  • Eleiko Competition plates, rack and bench. 
  • A range of speciality bars (incl. Texas deadlift bar and Rogue Deadlift Bar) along with monolift rack attachments.  
  • Westside styled inverse curl, GHD & reverse hyper machine. 
  • Home of Welsh Powerlifting
  • Belt squat


  • Affiliated with the British and Welsh Weightlifting association 
  • Male and female training and competitions bars 
  • 7 & 10kg training bars 
  • Competition plates throughout 
  • Chinese Style squat stands  
  • Stand alone squat racks  
  • Competition collars 
  • Pulling blocks  
  • Jerk blocks  
  • Prone Row, back extension, inverse curl, reverse hyperextension   
We have a number to active weightlifters ranging from local to commonwealth level. If you’re a weightlifter looking for somewhere to train in Cardiff this is the place to be.

Strongman/ Woman

The best selection of Strongman kit in Cardiff, you will find the following:
  • A Yoke 
  • Male and Female Logs 
  • An Axle 
  • A Sled and Prowler  
  • 40, 60, 80 and 100kg Sandbags 
  • Loadable Shield 
Strongman training can be used as great conditioning work for Weightlifters and Powerlifters as well as being a fantastic sport in itself.

We have a number to active strongmen/women competitors and always welcome newcomers looking to get into the sport.

Train alongside Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Strongmen athletes. Be part of a community of lifters who compete on a Local, National and  International level.

23621 15 Mile Rd #C104, Clinton MI, 48035, New York, USA

  • Email: support@spectrum.com
  • Phone: +88(0)0 234456
  • Fax: +88 (0) 000033454

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